Doctors appointment and able to do diabetes education

The past few weeks I have noticed a knot on my second toe on my left foot and have had some right hell pain. I called to make an appointment with a new podiatrist. He sent his nurse in to get me for xrays and she saw my medical alert bracelet (I wear one from with interchangeable bands). I took it off and showed it to her and she told me that her son who is now 18 was diagnosed at the age of 17 8 months ago with Type 1. I showed her my pump as well. She said he flat out refuses to wear an insulin pump and when I asked her why she told me it was because of the tubing. Like most teens, he is self conscious about it. So I mentioned the Omnipod to her and she said no one had told them about it. We talked for quite a while. He is in denial, won’t take his insulin, and won’t eat a proper diet. I told her that with the pump he would have better control and he would have an easier time eating what he wanted and explained to her how it worked. Even though she is a nurse she only has experience with Type 2 as her father is a Type 2. So I get back to my examining room and I get out some paper and write down the website for the Omnipod, TuDiabetes (figured she could use as much support right now as possible even if her son won’t join) and where I got my id bracelet from. I was glad I was able to help someone else with diabetic issues and it will be worth it if her son realizes how much the pump will change his life. On the down side I found out I have to have surgery on both my feet. On my left foot they are removing the bone spur from the toe next week under iv sedation and as outpatient. He said as far as he is concerned my pump and cgms get to stay on. The other surgery is going to be more invasive and has to be done by an orthopedist. I have a bone spur underneath my achilles tendon so they have to go in and detach it from the bone, scrape the spur out and reattach it. That one I see my orthopedist on Thurs to see when we are going to schedule it.

Sorry with my lack of knowledge with this reply, but how did u get the spurs? Is it common with diabetics? I also want to go on the pump…depending on insurance… I dont understand why only one dr (6 yrs back) has suggested it but no other dr has not.not even my endo dr.

They think i had small breaks int eh bones in my feet that cuased the body to produce to much calcium to heal it. It isnt’ diabetic realted. I am on MM722 with CGMS and I love it

Calcium is not only needed for our bones. Soft tissues and cellular fluids also rely on calcium to function properly. If there is a calcium deficiency, they will suck the calcium right out of your bones. That causes the spurs(calcium bumps) on bones.
Dang! 2 foot surgeries. I wish you a quick and uneventful recovery. Unless the event is a miraculous, speedier than ever recorded, recovery. Then I would wish you that event!

That is great, Cody. Doesn’t it feel good to help people?

I have a heel spur from my plantar fasciitis. My podiatrist had me do a month of exercises and the pain completely subsided, so I’m going to be able to avoid surgery. I’m sorry you have to go through it and I wish you nothing but the best. I’ll be thinking of you. Keep us posted.