Doctors Continued

I live in a small town in eastern Utah, I am going through college at the moment so I cant move just yet. I should be done soon so I can find a great job in an area with more Endo choices so i will just have to endure it a little longer. I will try talking to my present Doc and see if that will help. If not i can always find another family doc.

Yes I have made insulin dosage changes myself. and i havent had problems, unfortunately I dont have money and lots of times no insurance so I have to make these choices without a doctors help but fortunately i am going through school to hopefully change all that. I do know alot about diabetes i have had my whole life to study it and also a little sister with juvinile diabetes too so in our rare family with more than one diabetic we know lots about it so that helps in these times i wish i didnt have to have a doc to approve my drivers license though.

Anyway gotta run thanks everyone for your feedback its very much appreciated.