Does a person really needs a good worthwhile 'reason' for all the hard work it will take?

…like the love of
or even just life !

I agree with John that there are sometimes things that outweigh what you should be doing and what you can actually do. Not everyone has good insurance coverage or for that matter, good jobs and can’t necessarily afford enough strips to test and making sure they are doing the right things. Someone will pop up and say they can get strips for $20 a WallyWorld but if you are down to your last $20 and have to choose between feeding your kids or buying test strips, most people will feed their kids. However, I do think that someone needs to at least do the best they can do with the card they are dealt.

For me, my family is important to me so they are a reminder why it is important to work hard to manage this. I believe in God and I believe that it is a very worthwhile reason to work hard. I can’t really say my country is an important reason but I am grateful to live in a country that I have access to good doctors and stuff like my insulin pump and Dexcom. And just life is important because the alternative is being six foot under and I have too many things that I would still like to do in this life!

It depends on whether you are a consequentialist, a deontologist, or a believer in virtue ethics. If you are a consequentialist, then yes, the consequences of ignoring your health on family, god, country, or your own lifespan are paramount. If you are a deontologist, you don’t primarily consider the consequences of your action, but rather believe that being responsible is the only thing to do in this situation that doesn’t conflict with the Categorical Imperative/doesn’t treat yourself as a mere means. If you are a believer in virtue ethics, you would probably endorse the view that living the good life means meeting the appropriate challenge with the appropriate character trait: here, resolve and constancy.

In this situation I’m a fan of deontology and virtue ethics because whether or not you believe in God, have a family, etc., you can think that taking care of yourself is just the most morally appropriate way to behave in the situation. And you still get the results you want.

Nope… its purely physical.

If we feel hideous, horrible, death warmed over… that is all the motivation necessary. Feeling better is self fullfilling stuff. If we can be made to feel much better… we’ll try and stay that way.


Well, ifyour younger? that should be all the reason you need… to hang in there…the best you can
No Insurance, Not enough $ comming in? can’t get enough Test strips, Know what to do and your out of control? All that and other things become overwhelming…Been there, done that…
Being Older… having had a Good Life, but getting worse and worse? No family left,Not much reason to live for, ecept be in pain, frustration and angony? =No Hope…

When you have No hope… Life is over…time to move on…

They say those Diagnosed as a child live the longest, while those who get it as “Adult Onset” live the least… ( ave 10-15 yrs less) So be thankfull at least if you got it at a young age…and You don’t know what you missed Not having it…its better off you don’t…and you are a stronger person for having it than the average Non D. person…Most That Get T2? Meds, Diet , Exercise gets the job done? Count your blessings… you could be having to stick a Needle in yourself 6-8x a day to just stay alive… and you have the ave. of living into your 80’s if you just watch yourself… BoB Hope was a Prime example…90’s…I envy you T2’s…