Does Any Other Diabetic Have Spherocytosis Or Family Member With The Blood Disorder!

I was diagnosed at 13 with Type 1 Diabetes, at 14 my Doctors saw that my Spleen was swollen and then the endless blood work started. I am 45 years old now and to this day Endocrinologist's feel that one disease should not effect the other. Spherocytosis is a disorder that causes the red blood cells to change from a flat doughnut shape to a solid ball so they break up in the Spleen (mine was removed when I was 14). About 4 times a year I become Anemic during the blood cell change over.
My problem is that most Doctors although they know that the common cold or the flu affects Diabetics they can't figure out why Spherocytosis would effect my body in a negative way with no Spleen. I have had many a conversation with yet another condescending Endocrinologist about why one effects another, oh wait there haven't been any studies done on the subject so than one can't effect the other, right. My family is German and most of the studies have been done in Germany but I am curious to know if any other Diabetics also have Spherocytosis usually called Hereditary Spherocytosis if it can be traced to family, mine is Congenital Spherocytosis (I'm the kid in the family who got the medical grab-bag). The studies say most are Hereditary, but with one in 14 patients its Congenital.

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