Does anybody here from Oman?

Hello everybody!
I've just faced with a big problem. I have an insulin pump Accu-chek Combo and I've moved to Oman recently (I'm from Russia)and the fact is that this pump is not registered here and I can't buy expendables for it! It is a nightmare! I am almost run out of them and now I have to switch again to an insulin pen, nobody can help me, even representatives of Accu-chek in Oman. One more thing that we are living near UAE border and we tried to go there for expendables, but to buy there I need local insuranse, because supplies are selling only in hospital(in Al-Ain). And everybody say that they have only couple of people here who use insulin pumps. That is really strange!
Maybe someone of you faced with such problems, could you advice what to do? Because I'm lost.
Thanks to you in advance!

Could your family order the material you need in Russia and send it to you? I must admit I have no idea how reliable the shipping services from Russia to Oman are. I would order them for you but in Germany the prices are high in comparison to Russia or Oman. For example the Accu-Chek Rapid-D Link catheder (10 mm, Steel, 25 pieces) costs 179 Euro.

The German Mail is shipping to Oman. Parcel format 37,5 x 30,0 x 13,5cm with weight up to 2kg. The insured delivery will cost 42 Euro. If all the material you need will be sent with one parcel this can make sense. Just let me know.

You should have no problem shipping pump spares to Oman. DHL has address in CDB,Muscat,Salalah,and sohar. I think you could also have your supply's shipped to a Doctors office. It will be much easier if you have medical support in country.