Does anyone else around 32 have this

Hi everyone I’m just checking in to note something that had to do with sagging of the brow bone ( ladies ya know where you would put eye shadow in the crease of eye area ) I’m 32 and I don’t have any sagging or wrinkles anywhere else, accept for the droopiness of my brow bone ( nobody else seems to notice but I see a big difference in pictures and I can’t really put eyeliner on the lid of that right eye cause the brow bone droopiness makes the upper skin hit my eyelid . I looked up the causes of this and it listed the natural aging process ( which I assumed it was along with diabetes as another known cause ) I just don’t think that makes sense how can diabetes cause brow bone droopiness . Do any of you younger gals have this and of so have you had diabetes for at least 10 years or more ?

Hi Marie.

I'm 32 and I don't have this. But I was just wondering if this was something that occured suddenly or developed over time?

I noticed a change in my eye last year and it seems like it’s gotten more noticeable ( but only to me ) it’s annoying me cause I really wanna go to a plastic surgeon and get Botox or something . However being a type 1 I’m scared of infection and how that stuff would affect my blood sugars .

I lot of my friends in their 60's do have that. Some do get brow lifts but they are not cheap. I don't think it has anything to do with diabetes. Did you recently lose a lot of weight. I know in 10 years I did lose weight and some of my skin got kind of saggy. If you are concerned see a plastic surgeon for a consult.

It’s just that I’m under the belief that plastic surgeons are just about your money ( since insurance doesn’t cover ) and I’d be scared that they wouldn’t take type 1 As being as serious as it is . Has anyone ever done Botox with being a type 1 diabetic?

I don't think Botox will help droopy eyelids. It works by temporarily (!) paralyzing the tiny muscles that flex the skin and cause creases to form (e.g. in the middle of the forehead.)

I used to have perfectly smooth, vaulted eye-lids and now I have extra skin folding down, too. This is definitely a normal part of aging. Gravity is not kind to any of us! LOL

I have stopped wearing powdered eye-shadow for other reasons (itchy, dry eyes) and now when I want to dress up, I just put on softly smudged dark brown crayon eye-liner applied right along the edge of the upper lashes and about a third of the way round the outside on the bottom. I blend with a q-tip or a small foam applicator. I finish with mascara. My eyes look "dressed up" without a lot of eye-shadow collecting in the crease or appearing out of place above the crease.

This technique is very common in other countries. It was the norm when I lived in Paris -- women ring the eyes with a bit of Kohl rather than wearing a lot of colored eye-shadow. It looks very elegant and sophisticated to me. The effect is kind of like this image, but I soften it by using dark brown instead of black and smudging/blending the edges:

Another benefit of doing my make-up this way is that I can wear a bold lip-stick without appearing over-done. No one wants to look like Tammy Faye did their make-up.

That is very sweet of you to give me a full makeup lesson! I do sometimes do my eyes like that but lately I’ve been lazy . Does anyone ever notice that when thei sugar is high they don’t feel like putting makeup on ? Just curious , cause when mine is high I’m very shot tempered and I lack patience

If the droppiness effects your vision, you can get insurance to cover plastic surgery as corrective. Know someone who did this & her vision wasn't really effected. A plastic surgeon would take T1 seriously. They are surgeons:)

Check out facial exercises. I've never done them, but people swear they work to lift the muscles.

When I'm depressed I don't feel like washing my hair, much less bothering with make-up -- ditto when my sugar is truly out of whack. I just curl up in the fetal position (metaphorically or literally) until I'm back on track.

One sign that I'm getting better: better grooming, including shiny hair, lip gloss and earrings.

Of course, I also live alone and don't leave the house when I'm in funky condition, so no one knows I'm a wreck except me and my poor, ignored mirror.

After my brother passed away, I didn't wear make-up for...two years? Something like that. To me, wearing make-up is definitely a barometer of how I'm feeling.

There are Shiatsu exercises that are supposed to help, but I'm waaaaay too lazy and resigned to my fate. I got my first gray hair at 12, so I've had a lot of time to get used to the idea of aging. ;0\