Does anyone else dislike the term "pumper"?

I’m not a fan of the term “pumper” or even the phrase “insulin pump.” For one, it seems a little inaccurate, but primarily, I find the phrase a little lame. Does anyone else feel the same way? Is there another way to say one uses an insulin pump aside from “I’m a pumper”?

I actually like the term “pumper” as well, but, like Danny,I would only use it online or with other people who know about diabetes.

Otherwise I would just get weird looks.

I am on MDI. I always get funny looks when I say ‘I am a pener’. The similar sounding word penner means bummer in German.

I refer to myself as a pumper but usually have to explain what that means. I don’t mind the term because I remember when the only way to deliver insulin was a glass syringe.

I noticed , while I did my walking exercise at the local ice rink the other day a hockey team with the name Pumpers on their Team shirts ( my thought: insulin pumers and I never met the guys before, darn ?? ) …a spouse made a comment , that a player did some stretch exercises AFTER the game and I overheard her say , that she thought , that was a great idea …this got me talking to her and I asked who the Pumpers are : the local Fire Fighters …I said : I am a Pumper too and pointed at my pump . Her response …you all are doing a good job and I had my chuckle of the day . Yes, the term pumper is just fine with me .
HFXNS, what expression do you use , to describe the delivery of insulin ( which I still call cow juice to people who know me) .

Naaaaaaahhhh! I don’t care about labels at all … unless they are meant in a derrogatory manner. Like a few others, I only use it on-line where others would know what it means.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I’m not a “pumper” and I don’t know if I would like the reference or not but I understand where you’re coming from. I’m thinking I wouldn’t like it. The words diabetes and panties freak me out. It’s just the sound of them. Don’t like to say them. Weird.

No, those a are OK.

Yep, I’m with you. Tinkle is another I just can’t stand at all :wink:

Oooo yuck, don’t like tinkle either.

I support whatever you guys wanna call yourselves… though it does remind me of a bad 90’s rap song. :slight_smile: “Pump, pump, pump it up…”

Personally, I don’t mind the term pumper, but I hadn’t thought of this before.

Based on your comment, I’ve renamed the forum category formerly called “Insulin Pumpers Forum” to “Insulin Pump Users Forum” (and also re-categorized this post under it).

oh, bummer…err penner man /wink

So maybe it helps, to be a " English second language " person ?? I truly don’t get the jist of this , regardless of the term for the Forum being changed to “… Users …” : I am a pumper and so be it .And all I want is to have good BG’s for the rest of my life .
I think I am getting hooked on/with the discussion …off I go for my eve. walk .

What, what, what??? You mean to say that my Salvador Dali is a … GASP, CHOKE, EEEKKKK … an insulin pump. Darn, my bubble has been burst now. Off I go for my counting sheep time, I am in slight shock (actually I think my BG’s are dropping - being serious here). Adios amigos.

Insulin Pump Enthusiasts perhaps? :smiley:

hehe… how about Pumping and Damn Proud of it!!

Bionic Pancreas Test Pilots?

I just about fell out of my chair laughing so hard!!! You crack me up!!!

Oh, dear. I didn’t mean for you to change anything on tudiabetes because of my question. I was just curious if I was the only one who felt the term was a little . . . how do I put it? uncool.

It also doesn’t help that my sister-in-law is currently pumping breast milk. Every time she talks about her “pump,” my ears perk up.

I do like the technical term “continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion,” but clearly that’s not a term you can just throw around–it’s too technical for the non-diabetic and too long to say on a regular basis. It also doesn’t solve the problem of how to describe oneself as an insulin pump user.

I sincerely hope I haven’t offended anyone with my question.