Does anyone else dislike the term "pumper"?

It took me a long time to get used to saying “insulin.” My grandmother was a type 1 diabetic, so I always had this idea of diabetes being an old person’s disease. With “pump,” I tend to think of children. It’s hard to be an adult with type 1 diabetes, you sort of feel left out.

At this very moment my pod is pumping insulin into my body. so…

I am pumper hear me roar.

About perking ears…that’s what I was trying to say , when I saw the hockey players :" Pumpers " at the rink …and I have not met them ?? they did not tell me , blah , blah , blah ?? Funny how we associate words and how discussions may not always go the way , we want them to go …anyway HNXNS …this is uncool me : The pumper , who uses cow juice .

I think I hear infusion confusion. After so many years with so many labels, I would prefer users, but it is not that big a deal to me. Even the label “diabetic” is sometimes a bit irritating depending on how it is used.

Maybe Isletless would be a nice new label, or…Designated Iletless Autoimmuned Biomaster Expert Technical Insulin Connoisseur (DIABETIC).

It’s a joke Dave. I’m fine with the diabetic term, but the labeling that has gone on for so long seems to be ridiculous. I have been a T1D for 40 years, no matter what the label, I am a diabetic, no matter what I used to treat and manage it I am a diabetic, no matter who I come into contact with, I am a diabetic, no matter who asks about what I have I am still a diabetic and I’m fine with that. It is an ongoing joke with me to have seen and heard all of the labels given to us T1Ds. Yet there is still so much confusion out there about what diabetes is by so many, even those intimately involved in the D community.