Does Anyone Else Have A Pattern Like This?


I second that. Slow and easy is the best course.

Hi David, I a too am a rookie with insulin, but I have to say, The basal insulin plus the fast acting with meals has been a GINORMOUS help and my panacreas is a happy camper so far!

my basal insulin that i take in the morning has no effect on my breakfast. It is my understanding that it peaks at 5-6 hours so i go about my day as normal... seems to work so far. and for my bolus insulin, i always go for the lower number just to be on the safe side, this is week 2 for me

Yes, insulin is absolutely magic.

I've worked hard at getting control and made significant progress with diet, exercise, and metformin. But for me they only do so much and no more. Insulin is the only thing that will close the gap.

Like you, I am a brand new insulin user so I am still negotiating the learning curve. Right now I am just covering meals and working out the formulas -- how much does a gram of carb raise my BG, how much does a unit of insulin take it down, etc. Everyone is different and I need to know what the numbers are for me so I can calculate dosages with some semblance of accuracy.

I may end up going the traditional basal-plus-bolus route, or not. Too soon to know. I will keep testing and go where the results say to go. Fortunately I have a GP who is willing to accompany me on this journey rather than just trotting out some rote formula and saying "do this and don't question it."


If you haven't done it, you should read Bernstein's book. There are a number of really helpful books available, but it is the best by far. Whether or not you choose to follow his methods, you will understand what is happening to you better than many doctors do. The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you can make.