Does Anyone Have a Bad Blood Sugar Day of the Week?

I don’t know why but Saturday seems to be the day when my blood sugar is always low. I don’t know if it is because I sleep later and don’t eat until later, if I am tired from the work week and recovering, or because it is the beginning of the weekend. I wonder if anyone else has a bad blood sugar day? Mine seems to be Saturday.

I would say the weekends too, but for opposite reasons. Sleeping in makes my DD run higher (less activity), and then there is extra eating, and eating out! If you are pumping you can set a weekend pattern or temp basal to make Saturdays better.

Sunday, for SURE! I got to church, it’s at an inconvenient time for my diabetes, and it wreaks havoc on my blood sugars!

Everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely Mondays, I run high because my insulin sensitivity in down from being less active over the weekends, but ever time I try to adjust my I:C ratios for mondays to compensate for this I seem to end up low instead.

haha nice one Karen ;-p

“in down” wow, I really need to remember to proofread my posts BEFORE the 15min edit window is up :-p

*is down

haha Karen, wish my meter spoke words instead of numbers that scare me so bad.

Ones like, NICE when its good, and OK when elevated, and CRAP when its HIGH, and CANDY TIME when its low…

I think the longer I sleep the lower I go, my Insulin is long acting,Novolin N so there is no Brakes on it to stop it from falling. So when I sleep late, it can be low… wake early by 2 hrs and its higher.

Definitely Sundays for me. After Church we go to my Mom’s place for lunch where food is always so tempting…sigh.

well, anyone who doesn’t is lying…LOL
This is not an exact science and these insulins and test meters and Pumps aren’t either, inspite of what they try to claim… It’s all a guessing game…
and you have to constantly play Detective… as well as Planning ahead …the bset you can.
and the best for last? Experiment… Don’t be afraid to try ideas on your own…
Just have enough test strips handy to test every 1/2 - 1 hr when you do…

For me it’s not the low days that get me but EVERY Sunday I wake up high (and no I don’t eat all day b/c it’s high) I stay high on Sundays. Don’t know why what I had the night before shouldn’t affect me at 4pm. HI is all I get on the bs machine though.

Good one Karen! LOL!

For me it has to be Wednesday, as i work later. i start at 11.30am and finish at 9pm, this means it is difficult to have lunch and my dinner is eaten at 4pm, this is my lunch break. I usually will have a hypo, it is just catching it in time or making myself aware that my sugar levels are low.