Does anyone have an Xbox 360? whats your gamertag?

mine is iamturtle101

im mainly on Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty 2 and Left 4 Dead, but if you just wanna chat or whatever, add me, and let me know youre from the site, who knows.maybe we can even start an All-Diabetic Clan. hahaha
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I only have the older X box :(. But I’m planning to get the Beatles Rock band game so I have to get the X box 360. Maybe in the future…its so damn expensive!


If I reply everyone now is going to know I am a hardcore closet geek/gamer. I will 0WN J00 rather it be guitar hero, rockband, street fighter, COD4, HALO, hell even Pokemon… BOOOM HEADSHOT!


xbox360 - Envious1senvy
PS3 - Same
Wii - message me
DSi - message me

Just got my 360, I know, I know, behind the times here but I’m on as KerHeb

Just got my 360 so feel free to add me KerHeb