Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of Medtrum products?

While googling I came across a web site for a company called Medtrum:

That site has a few details of a couple of tubeless pumps (like the Insulet Omnipod) which also incorporate a CGM (like the Animas Vibe). However there is very little information on the web site. Googling for 'medtrum' and searching on tudiabetes doesn't show up anything more.

The site is professionally produced but sparse, the contact information refers to two locations one in Alberta the other one in Shanghai and the support link doesn't work, so I suspect it may be an existing Chinese manufacturer looking at marketing possibilities in North America.

The company apparently does have US FCC ids (required for wireless devices) dating from October of last year, so it looks genuine but then it's easy to get that kind of ID from the FCC.

Does anyone know anything about the product, or, for that matter, the company?

John Bowler

It doesn't appear that they have even applied for any FDA approvals and there is no information on the company of any kind. Your suspicion may well be correct.