Does anyone have any of these goose bumps

I have been diabetic since 10 and I just turned 32 this month and for the last past year this is what I have been dealing with and it is extremely uncomptable…the only way I can describe it is to compare it to that sound that you here after someone screeches chalk on a chalk board and it begins to give you the goose bumps well what if that goose bump feeling happened to you after touching certain materials … Here Goes if I touch toilet paper , paper towels , velvet , courdoroy , and towels that were washed without fabric softener ( which makes them feel rough ) and that hard type of carpet that you find only in business buildings… These materials have never bothered me but as of today if I have to feel one of them I get the goosebumps and every hair on my arm stands up … I have gone to the neauroligist for this and he suggested an MRI he did not think that it was diabetes related but them how come these symptoms that o get from touching these type of materials is worse when my blood sugar is above 200( sometimes so bad that I have to use baby wipes instead of toilet paper because that goose bump feeling feels like that chalk board feeling but only it’s 5 times worse

What you describe sounds like it could be sensory nerve damage, which is a type of neuropathy. Neuropathy is related to high BG. Have you mentioned this to your endo?

I have something similar - perhaps not as severe as you.

I cannot stand how some materials feel. I also HATE just the sound of people rubbing their feet on the carpet (and similar raspy sounds). I have days when I feel extremely sensitive to this. I don’t wear nylon, period.

I think it might be something to do with dry skin/dehydration? My skin isn’t noticeably dry, but the sensitivity is usually worse in winter time when we have the heat on in the house. There are days when even my socks bother me.

If you figure out what’s causing yours, please let me know!

I can’t say that I have. You got it too when you were 10? So did I. Only one fall to comparing myself to you there. I just turned 48 and your so young! WOW> Funny conicidence huh?

I know what you mean. I can remember at about 16 my back would get almost to the point of painful when I would ware knitted shirts or other synthetic materials. They would have to be cotton or a high cotton blend. I would get anxious when anything touched my back at all when i would get a flare-up. If I wore long sleeve I would have to roll up the sleeves to my elbows because I could not handle anything touching my wrists…

Many of my tee shirts I ware during the summer have the sleeves cut off because when I am hot they are uncomfortable around my arms.

I thought it was all in my head or my skin was over sensitive. I have always been on the anxious side and take meds for it now. I never associated it to my diabetes but it makes sense… I am weird about socks too with anything but cotton and without dyes… Yes I will ware white socks with black pants!!
Please pass on what you do find out… I would like to know too…

Wanted to add - I first noticed this years before I got T1.