Does anyone know what is inside the Minimed transmitter?

I am the kind of person that wants to always ask why. Why do these transmitters go out so quick? Why do they cost so much money? What is inside of them, Gold? This is the second one to go out in two years. Now I have lost my insurance. I can’t afford another 900 dollars right now. What is making these little things so expensive? I want to get a hammer and break one open to see what is on the inside. Anyone else feel this way?

You might feel better after this short video that features a meter and a hammer. But seriously, I can’t believe how much they charge for the stuff we need.

Gee, I must be one of the lucky ones. My transmitter is almost two years old, and still working. I expect two years to be it, though, from what I’ve read on the Yahoo! CGMS group. Also, a replacement transmitter is $649.00. One more thing: I understand that if your out-of-pocket medical expenses combined are equal to 15% of your annual pre-tax salary, you get a tax break. Hope this helps. Also, when cleaning my transmitter, I always hold it carefully and wipe the outside with an alcohol swab. I never get alcohol, or anything else, on the inside of the transmitter (the place where the sensor clicks into it.)
One more thing: Join IP (insulin pumpers) which is also a Yahoo! group. The IP sometimes sends donated equipment to members who cannot afford it.

Minimed told me the transmitter would cost me $ 900. Where did you get your price? Thanks for the info on the yahoo site. I will donate the boxes of sensors that I now cannot use.