Does anyone know why lancets can not be built into the glucometers?

Does anyone know why lancets can not be built into the glucometers? I was told it was to do with regulatory reason, but can not find anything on the subject. A few things came to mind though, like the device becoming compromised by blood residue and cleaning purposes!

Accu-Chek Compact-Plus has a lancet device built onto the side. You are instructed to change those each use (Yeah, Right…) but being an all in one unit makes it EZ to carry about.

There was a couple of meters with the lancets built in, but they were gimmicky and could break easily.

I do remember it:) and the 90’s. I had it jam on more than one occasion.

If they do both devices in one - what do you do when the lancet device breaks? Or the other way around? Does one touch still have the meter that is also an insulin pen? I had free devices so never bothered with the two-in-one. =)

I actually had gotten one for free and used it for quite awhile…though friends/classmates thought it was for birth control at first… due to the shape

That was my first glucometer in '99! I actually loved it–not that I had anything to compare it to. Had to get rid of it because strips were more expensive with insurance. Meter after it was some basic clunky Accuchek. Then eventually found the Accuchek Compact Plus, which I love even if it is noisy and comparably big.