Does anyone like MyGlu?

I signed up in January for the beta test of MyGlu and tried to use it daily for a while. I really didn't like it and found it very fragmented. When I received an email this week about a survey evaluating it, I decided to give it another try and logged in for the first time in months. I still hated it.

Is there anyone here who uses it and likes it?

you might want to tell us what it is for those of us who have never heard of it,

I signed up a month ago and I really don't get it.

Me three, I don't get it. Re Timothy's question, it's some sort of social networking app thing that purports to be fun however there may be a challenge involved in finding the content (alleged content?) that I'm not up to?

The web address is: http://

It describes itself as: "Glu is a community for people with type 1 diabetes and their caregivers to meet, share, and learn from each other while contributing to innovative research in type 1 diabetes."

There was a post here on Tu a few months back inviting people to participate.

It is funded by a grant from the Helmsley Charitable trust: "The Helmsley T1D Program is led by veteran type 1 diabetes program director, Dana Ball, who joined the Trust in 2008. Dana worked closely with co-founder Marie Schiller, from the Boston-based firm, Health Advances, to develop the T1D Exchange concept: an integrated model that includes a clinic-based registry, a BioBank and a patient community – Glu. The two solicited significant input from diverse stakeholders in the type 1 diabetes community—including government, industry, academia, and the nonprofit sector—to create this new model for conducting and funding type 1 diabetes research. They also identified the Jaeb Center for Research, led by Dr. Roy Beck, as the right partner to develop the T1D Exchange through a three-year, $26 million grant (link to press release)."

I'm like you, Acidrock, on the "alleged content". It seems crazy to me to have both discussions and shouts that never seem to lead to any good discussions.

So I am curious if there are any people that think it's great.