Does anyone out there have other things going ON?

Of coure I have (D) type 2

I have the big 3 Diab, HB and Chol. I have been being treated for begining symptoms/signs of Parkinson'sto stop my episodes?

for 2,3 years now,we have just moved back home and new Doc's ended up had to go to a Neuro Doc and he says he doesn't thinks it's Parkinson's??? and did some more testing including a lumbar punture and he says it's more like to be MS??? I guess they share some same simularities??

BUT the didn't stop bmy meds for P, and also gave me new meds Neurontin

sorry some of the above got messed up some how it took me 1 nd a /2 hr tp type this,LOL

so does anyone else have these problems?


well im sorry about ur newly discovered unsolved ones, i have a few but not the same problems, i have diabetes type 1, glasses(not bad but can still consider a problem, lol), bipolar depression ( medicated with 1200 mg of lithium a day), knees of a 70yr old and im 24 (have had 2 knee surgeries and lookin at another), high cholesterol, either high blood pressure or a prolapsed mitro valve (not sure which father and grand mother have pmv and mother has hb and doc says its hb because he looked at a chart and listened to my heart but i feel the racing heart like my father does, his goes up to 180bpm and my has been to 120bpm soo idk). and 8 sets of tubes in my ears from the age of 2yrs old to the last set in at the age of 17 and i still where earplugs to shower and swim and wutnot… lol a lot there but none of mine r as dire as urs. i hope u r able to figure out wut it is u have and get it all straightened out.


Hi Odie:

Sorry that you atre floating between any diseases.

Aside from long-term Type 1, I also was slapped with another auto-immune disease called severe Rheumatoid Arthritis which to me, is far worse.

I have a Friend named Ricky who has Type 2 and has Parkinson’s Disease. I ask that you contact Richard for Ricky’s info at:

As far as you maybe having MS, instead I hope to God that you and everyone with it, will be cured with this Dr. from Italy’s treatment. Hopefully with it’s success rate, it will be worldwide. I also pray that it is permanent. Here is part of a treatment tape. Let this tape pass through to the next video about the MS treatment. Best Wishes to you. :slight_smile: