Does anyone still have EzManager Max software in 2022?

Hi everyone!
So, I’m still using my OneTouch Ping pump in 2022 (strange, isn’t it). I want to edit my food database on meter (or if it’s possible on Vibe too), but I’ve lost my CD with software.
I thought maybe someone still has software and can send me :sweat_smile:

Do you even have a way to use a dvd? It’s been a lot of years since my computer has had a dvd reader.
You might search the net, it may be posted someplace

Yes, I have a way to use DVD (still using DVD-drives for work). I’ve tried searching on web, but I’ve found nothing. Even web archives didn’t help… :expressionless:

Do you think this link would work?

Tried this link. It’s another software :sweat_smile:

Or maybe Animas removed what you really need.

I think it’s the second.
AFAIR, Animas distributed EzManager Max on CD’s with USB-cables and I never saw this software on web. That’s really sad. I hope someone still has it :pensive: