Does anyone use Humalin Insulin in their Pump?

Does anyone use Humalin Insulin in their Pump?
its significantly cheaper than my prescribed Novolog Insulin. I was thinking about making the switch but i was looking at this chart comparing different insulins
and realized there are some changes i just wanted to know if someone has used it in their pump or if they just switched to just using it in syringes.

ill try it next time i needed the insulin bad so i had to pay full price for the novolog.


I use Humulin RU-500 in my pump. I use the 500 because I would have to use up a reservoir in a day or two instead of three. So, this insulin is 5 times stronger than normal.

I’ve had no problems.

Lois La Rose, Milwaukee, WI

Hi David,

I’ve always used Humalog in my insulin pump and have found it to be very effective. Now if you’re talking Humulin, then you might see a difference, since it has a slightly slower start and a longer duration of action. These are important things to consider.

Fit4D Fitness Coach