Does anyone use the Animas CDEs for D management?

I've not been communicating well with my current CDE at my Endo's office. Just mainly because of the inconvience of sitting in their office for 1/2 hour every other week while they download my pump. They don't find it easy to read if I fax the same print out to them. Also,they seem to think an average of 175 is acceptable.

Anyway I remember when I first started my pump that the Animas educator stated they can manage with a CDE on line by downloading my pump at home and emailing the results to an Animas CDE.

So, I was wondering if there is anyone here that uses the Animas CDEs and how they like it? And how does it work?

Any help or comments welcome. Thank you in advance.

every other week? wow, i thought every 3 months for my endo was pretty often. i’m not familiar with the animas CDEs but if that doesn’t work out for you, can you negotiate a different schedule with your endo or have them let you email them the files? my doc is trying to get their office more computerized so i can email the downloads to them

I got my Ping in June and because I don’t have an endo & went thru my PCP, they signed me up for the program. I have gastroparesis and most medical people have no clue how to manage BS with gastroparesis, so I did not want to use the program. Animas had a trainer at the local diabetes center do my pump training and she gave me the stuff for the program. I did call the person I was assigned to see if she had any tips on gastroparesis, but I could tell from talking to her, she didn’t really get it. I told her when I left my first message for her I was not interested in using the program. That is not to say that they would not be good with other stuff!

Your doctor has to sign off on the paperwork for you to get into the program and also what your treatment goals are. I don’t know if that will be a problem for you or not. Since your current CDE is with your endo.

I have the booklet here in front of me. The name of the program is the Blood Glucose Management Program. It is not a long-term kind of thing that you can always get help going forward. According to the booklet, it is 2-4 weeks. It is more of a program to help you get your ratios set right and for you to have an understanding of how to do that on your own. You do fax or email the stuff in.

Years ago I had worked with their trainer. She was the best I ever worked with and got the best A1C out of me–ever!
Those days are gone.
The person I like to use has had to greatly reduce their patient load and so no, now I dont really have much left.
The local rep is great about answering Email though.

Thanks for the responses. Marti they would like for me to come in and download my pump every2 weeks and it has taken 30-45 minutes every time I have done so only to get a letter a week later saying I was within an acceptable range (my average for the 2 weeks was 175). I didn’t find that acceptable and just quit going bcs I can make better adjustments on my own and save my time. My endo asked why I’m not seeing the CDE anymore so I told him. He didn’t seem to think my last A1C of 8.2 was that bad either.

I think 1/2 the people on TuD know more about D than what the specially paid people in the docs office do.

Kelley, Thanks for that. I thought they had said they offer long term management. It probably changed since Jan.

Laura if I find out anything new I’ll let ya know.

From what I understand, the CDE help from Animas is only available at time you initiate pump therapy . . . for about a month. It may be helpful to call the Animas Rep or Clinical Manager for your area to see if they have any other suggestions.

This is my understanding too.

That seems excessive for just downloading. Are they using EZ Manager at the office to download your pump? Or the One Touch version?

If the faxed version from you isn’t legible if I was in your shoes I’d either mail them a paper copy or drop one off. My endo has an email address for sending in blood sugars too. That’s easy because I can just attach a download.

Diana, They are using the EZ Manager. i don’t think it really takes that long to download. I think they just forget that it’s there and leave me waiting.

I tried dropping off copies and faxing. It’s not that they weren’t legible it’s they have to look at it on paper and they loose it. It’s just more conveinent for them to have it on their computer. I also tried to get an email address to send them by email but they shot me down on that too saying they don’t always get attatchments because they have filtered email.

She tells me all the time that I’m too technologically advanced for them. I guess I’ll just have to do a better job myself.