Does being a Type 1 Diabetic exclude me from adopting a child?

After some of the information I read yesterday, I’m getting worried. Check out my new blog post here.

Why in the world would you ever think that you would not make a great parent? I know that it is heartbreaking to have difficulty having your own child, but you are really hard on yourself. Do you think you are damaged goods? Do you think you won’t survive to see them grow up and be on their own? Well, let me tell you we all worry about that stuff.

But, let me ask you. In all the time you worked so hard to have your own biological child, did you question whether you would be a good parent? I didn’t think so.

If anybody gives you cr*p that you might not be a good parent because you are a diabetic, you let me know. I’ll come right down there and straighten them out.

Thanks for your comment. I guess I wasn’t clear in my original post. I think that Brian and I would be fantastic parents (and I’m so glad you agree!!!).

In the process of researching the international adoption process, I learned that certain countries disqualify potential adoptive parents who have a chronic medical condition. It’s so crazy, but there it is.

I do worry about not seeing my children grow up, but like you said, everyone worries about that. I work incredibly hard to manage my diabetes and maintain good BG levels. Once I have a child, I will continue to do so - I owe to him or her!

But, if anyone gives me any crap, I’ll let you know! I need all the help I can get :wink:

Just to reassure you, check out this link ( There is also extensive information on adoption at I understand your concern about the wording, but from these discussions, it does appear that it is a non issue. In any case, if they still give you crap, when you are done with them, I’ll come down and flail them with a wet noodle.