Does blood glucose impact female hormones?

I’ve read female hormones will raise/lower blood glucose (i.e. estrogen makes cells more receptive to insulin, progesterone more resistant) but I’m wondering if you’ve experienced that higher blood glucose disturbs/worsens menstruation? I guess I’m asking if the higher glucose will actually affect hormonal production–I haven’t found anything that points to this.

My recent cycle was horrible, and accordingly my glucose levels had gotten out of hand. I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed this happen? Maybe it’s just being out of whack is stressful and makes menstruation worse in that regard?? Thoughts?

Not sure yet… still tracking my levels for the month… but so far… i have noticed that my hormones influence my glucose not the other way around… I will let you know when the results come in!

I always thought my hormones influenced my bs not the other way also. I actually changed pills so I don’t have that issue anymore. So much more consistent now. Would love to hear if there is any research on your idea.