Does crying cause miscarriage?

Am getting so upset and worried…will i harm my baby if I cry a lot in the early weeks of pregnancy??am just 5weeks…and type 2 diabetic…

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I was stunned when I found out that I was pregnant with my 3rd child almost 18 years ago and was so scared I cried almost non- stop for over 3 weeks ( I have type 1 diabetes). My pregnancy went fine, and he was the only one of my babies to not need to go into intensive care after he was born! I did have one miscarriage, and I never cried during that pregnancy. Good luck and take care of yourself!

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Most likely the non-stop crying is hormones. Pregnancy hormones can have you all over the place. LOL I was like Regan from the Exorcist when I was pregnant, grouchy and foul tempered at everyone. Biggest thing try to keep the stress level low, eat well, and keep close watch on your blood sugar and have a very good doctor for managing your pregnancy and diabetes. Sadly miscarriages sometimes just happen, even in health, even tempered, non-hormonal women without diabetes. Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy.

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I too was going to say hormones. Perfectly normal, but to set your mind at ease, talk to your doctor…and, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Crying is normal and there’s no evidence it would have any negative impact on your baby at all. Congrats! Babies are wonderful.

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Part of this is may be due to the progesterone that you have been put on. I’m on progesterone for another reason, and the first few days were a DOOZY. Somewhere about the second day, my husband “went to the grocery store” and decided to make some other stops without telling me. The ringer on his phone got turned off and he wasn’t answering - and was gone for HOURS. I got so worked up, and started worrying and worrying, and got so anxious that I swore he was dead in a ditch somewhere. When he finally got home I had a complete meltdown, crying in relief that he wasn’t dead.

Sometimes just knowing that what’s got you stuck in a worry-loop might be a side effect of a medication can help break you out of the worry loop.

You do of course have things to be concerned about, every pregnant mother does, but you can’t let them consume you and keep you in a state of upset and worry. Hopefully your visit with your doctor tomorrow can help allay some of the concerns that you’ve had over the past few days and help put you at ease. If you continue to find yourself very anxious, though, it may benefit you to find a professional who can help you with some techniques for when the worry really gets a grip on you.

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Thankoo soo much for ur replies…feeling better after reading itt.i was getting angry for small useless matters… tomorrow is my first scan…v Indian have a different meal plans… which sometimes makes the sugar levels to spike…in my case am doing my best to keep my sugars under control…but sometimes it’s going beyond the limit…fasting 100 & PLBS 125 …does it affect baby??my hba1c taken a month back which was 6.2…

My father died when I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first child, after having an aneurysm and subsequent coma when I was 8 weeks pregnant. It is hard to imagine more stress and tears than I had. The child is now 21 years old :slight_smile:

Best wishes to you and your baby. Tears aren’t dangerous.

I have had 6 full pregnancies. My third child was born full term but stillborn. I didn’t do anything different with that pregnancy. I had 3 more healthy pregnancies after that. They really don’t know what causes miscarraige. It is usually a genetic problem not something the mom did.