Does Dexcom contain cobalt?

Maybe it´s just bad google fu, but I can´t seem to find what the Dexcom sensor wire and/or the coating consists of.

All i find is that the sensor wire is made of silver and platinum metal with polymer membranes. No more spesifics on the membranes.

Reason I ask is that I just found out that I´m allergic to cobalt, so if cobalt is used either by itself or in an alloy, that could explain my trouble with Dexcom lately.

Anyone with better search skills than me?

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The wire as you found is silver and platinum. It is possible that there is cobalt in the wire. I would think not, because cobalt is rather unfriendly to living beings. The polymer membrane near as I can determine is Gluocose oxidase which should not contain any cobalt.


Thanks, @Luis3. Makes sense Dexcom would avoid using cobalt.

Silver an platinum are perfect for creating the micro current in presence of glucose. Lead would be better but well, lead is as poisonous as cobalt.

It’s not likely that any heavy metal like lead, cadmium or cobalt would be allowed in invitro medical device.

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I was hoping for you to chime in.

I heard it was magic. Am I mistaken?

In Air Force tech school we learned it is FM as in effing magic