Does Dexcom update software?

For longer time dex users, please. Do you know if Dex updates its software from time to time or is the latest dex the same one with the same software version as when Dex 7 was introduced? I know it would be the same 7 technology, just wondering if they had refined anything over time.

I had hoped to wait for the newest version G4 but it looks like that is a guessing game as to when it will be available in the U.S.

I am running version I looked on the Dexcom website, and I cannot find what the current release level is. There is a link to download DM3.

I guess I should have asked for the date you started with your version! Vs sounds either older or, if the 11 refers to this year, then fairly new. The 009 sounds like an early version, however. Hard to interpret!

I have version I bought my DexCom in October of last year. Hope that helps.

I am increasingly skeptical that G4 will sport new software features. Repeatedly, I read that the performance in the 40-80 range will be improved, the warm up time will drop to an hour, the receiver will be a “smaller form factor,” and the transmitter will be more “robust” (stronger signal?). I never read about software features.

Thanks for the responses. When I said software, I meant improvements in the components that would improve accuracy. Which I assume to mean the software.
If they can get improvement in the low range, it should help a lot. Currently, the cgms appear to be most accurate for the “normal” ranges of 80 to 120. Get above 160 or below 70 and most folks say they are less accurate. I don’t need a cgm for the normal range! I need an accurate warning for lows or highs. 250 vs 350 or 20 vs 50 make a huge difference in treatment. I want a cgm that is not just somewhere in the ballpark so that I have to doublecheck it with the meter. I know I am dreaming but one can hope.

I’ve been a Dexcom user for approximately four and a half years. Initially I got the Dexcom Seven that had to be calibrated using a cable connected to a LifeScan OneTouch Ultra meter. It did not work with any other meter because of FDA restrictions. It shipped with DM2 software for the computer.

Once the FDA decided you could calibrate with other meters, there was a software update to upgrade the receiver making the cable (for those who used the Ultra meter) optional and putting in place the existing screens to enter your readings.

Then Dexcom came out with the Seven Plus. That was a completely different product that had upgraded software with better algorithms for accuracy. At the same time DM3 was released for the PC. For a few months when the Seven Plus came out, Dexcom offered a special upgrade price for existing customers.

There have been several versions of the PC software. Currently I’m running DM3 version My Dexcom Seven Plus receiver is running version These should be the latest versions since I just had my unit replaced a couple of months ago.

Hope this answers your question.


I read your comment that right above my prior post looking for a CGMS accurate for highs and lows. That’s actually a tough one. The most accurate finger stick glucometers are only accurate +/- 20%. So if you check your BG and get a reading of 100, that means you could be anywhere between 80 and 120. Now the CGMS also has a variance of 20% and you calibrate it using your glucometers results. That means your 100 BG reading on the CGMS could be anywhere between 64 and 144. Then consider the CGMS is always lagging your blood glucose level by 20 minutes or so. You begin to see the problem. My Dexcom usually will never display the highest highs or the lowest lows, per my meter reading, because of this double variance. It does however give me enough indication of a problem. Unfortunately you still have to do a finger stick.

Thanks to all for your comments. I understand the limitations of the cgms but still think the companies are a bit slow in coming out with advances. Even with FDA slowness.
And the dex has one other major flaw that is still holding me back. I waited 11 years (from pump start) for MM to recognize and get with the Mac computer for their software. Now, here I am thinking of starting with another gadget that is behind the times regarding software compatibility with the Mac. I know about the pc option with the Mac but it is expensive to add Windows + pc software (Word, etc) to the Mac.
Oh well…