Does fiasp work in the Tslim pump?

I am going to switching to the tslim soon and was wondering how well fiasp works in this pump. I love fiasp and would be dissappointed if I have to discontinue this insulin.

I used it for a couple of months with Omnipod, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in any pump. You’ll likely have to change some of your settings – insulin duration, correction factor, and so on. I experienced site issues such as raised red bumps that persisted for several weeks, but many other people have no such problems. Give it a try and see what happens.

Agreed. I guess I shouldn’t worry before the fact. I still have alot of medtronic cartridges left so I won’t be switching over right away. I know I have read some posts where people have no problems with fiasp in the tslim and others do. I have been using this insulin for a good year with no issues in my 630 pump. I hope and pray it will be okay as I really want this pump.

Some people (myself included) have issues with Fiasp and t-slim. In my case boluses become largely ineffective with reservoir volumes below about 50u. On the other hand, lots of other with t-slim pumps use it without issue. I haven’t seen an explanation that makes sense. There are several long strings about this here you might want to look at.

I just learned from another post that Lilly’s fast-acting inslin (Lyumjev) is available and it’s comparable to Fiasp. it’s approve for pump use and was tested with Medtronic and Roche pumps (alas, not Tandem). I’m going to try it.

I have research all the discussions about fiasp and the tslim. I use fiasp in my medtronic without any site or occlusion issues. Does that mean it will work for me in my tslim?

Sorry —didn’t mean to imply it won’t work for you. I suspect that more people (most) use it without problems. Hope it’s the same for you! But some report issues.

Until recently I was successfully using 80/20 Fiasp/Humalog. Was forced to stop when my insurance took Fiasp off their formulary.

Can’t wait to try the new Lilly insulin.

It’s okay. What is the new Lilly insulin? I live in Canada and we are always last to get new medical discoveries. Iqcontrol still isn’t here but I know it’s coming. I am so anxious to get started on the tslim. I haven"t recieved it yet.:blush:

How did you mix to get 80/20, or did you mix in an empty vial first, then fill cartridge ?

I mixed to a total volume of 1000u in a sterile 10ml septum-top vial. I tried mixing in the syringe but the volume or Humalog was almost impossible to pull-up and measure accurately.

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If interested, there is a cash pay $99 offer cslled NovoCare. Can get Fiasp and other insulins, $99 for up to 3 bottles per month.

Search for my$99insulin card. You use this without insurance claim being filed, even if you have insurance.

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Thanks!! I wasn’t aware of it

Does “use it without insurance” imply you can’t get it if you have insurance (even if it doesn’t cover Novo Insulins)? I know that’s the case with a GSK discount card I tried to get for a very expensive epilepsy medicine my insurance stopped covering.

If I’m eligible I’ll get a few vials of Fiasp to hold me over until I find out if Lyumjev works without dilution. If it doesn’t I’ll have a good source for Fiasp going forward. Do you know how long the program lasts?

When you use it, you tell them NOT to use insurance on file, but want to use as cash pay… I went to a different pharmacy, where they did not have my insurance on file. There are instructions to tell them how to process, verifying they DO NOT submit claim to insurance.

Vials or pens, Need rx for 30 day supply.
1 or 2 or 3 vials in 30 days, costs $99.

Novolog, levemir, fiasp, tresiba and other novo brands are covered.

Effective until 12/31/20

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Great - Thanks

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