Does it come with a clip?

I'm thinking about switching from Animas Ping to Accuchek. I've been just using the clip my pump came with and was wondering if the accuchek comes with one too


**Edit - I think my autocorrect is annoying. The title should have been "clip"

Got my Accu-Chek Spirit several years ago, and in fact it came with a very nice clip that I am still using. I don't know if this is still the practice with the new Combo, but a quick call to Accu-Chek Pump support should provide the answer.
Bye the way, for whatever it's worth, I have had superb reliability with my Spirit, and great help anytime I've needed it from Roche pump-support. Best of luck switching to the Combo, or the Spirit.

The Accu-Chek Spirit Combo comes with a translucent plastic holder that has a gray/black plastic clip. The clip will slip over a belt, pants/shorts, a pocket, etc.

Some users have complained that the newer versions of this holder is not as robust/easy to use as earlier versions, and I agree. However, for me, I never liked the rigidity of the plastic holder. Fortunately, they also have other cases made from softer materials that you may purchase separately.

Yep, big plastic clip included. It generally works pretty well for me but I have a spibelt for those times when it doesn't.

Thanks everyone. I'm excited to make the switch [=

Yes, it comes with a clip. Also, there are other cases available, such as one that clips to you bra (side). I also bought a stretchy band that goes over my head and sits on my waist. It has sown in compartments so I can put the pump anywhere. I can also put my meter in another compartment if I want.

The best thing about the Accu-chek Aviva combo is that there is blue tooth from meter to pump so you can bolus from your meter.