Does It Get This Cold In Your Area?



I am in Minnesota Richard, not quite that cold!

If you drive along Trail Ridge Road, in Estes Park, Colorado… you drive among walls of snow. It gets very bad there. They don’t even open during the Winter season, and keep very tall poles to mark the road for those who unclear it (and mostly, so that they don’t fall down the big cliffs on either side).

Here in Iowa, we don’t even bother keeping the drinking fountains on during Winter.

I can honestly say that it does get that cold where I live… It’s minus 30ish C today

We think it’s extremely cold when it hits the upper 20s, lower 30s. (California)

I like the one with the significant amount of snow. Reminds me of our house in Montreal after an snowfall I would open the front door and it was a solid wall of snow. My favorite female was antagonized because I have not gone to clean the small amount of snow we have here in Calgary because it is -15 Centigrade (5 F) maybe they will take my citizenship away for wimping out. Waiting impatiently for global warming.