Does SCHIP cover pump supplies?

I was wondering if anyone out there knows if the State Children’s Health Insurance Program available in most states covers insulin pumps and supplies? What about continuous glucose monitors. Any information would be helpful as we are considering this insurance for our son. Thank You.

We live in California and my son is covered by CCS (California Children’s Services). I’m not sure if that’s the same type thing that you’re asking about. His pump and all supplies (basically everything regarding his diabetes) are covered 100%. They do not cover continuous glucose monitors at this time.

Jesse, now 18 was on our states policy for 5 months last year whe we lost our family policy… They did cover his pump supplies , insulin etc… I never found out about cgms sensors because I didnt feel like fighting for them since he was going to cjhange policy’s at the end of august when he started college…When I spoke to them, however, they had no clue what a cgms was !! or if it was covered…

I live in Ohio and my son gets his pump and supplies fro free through our state program. He has Anthem primary and Bureau for children with medical handicaps as secondary and we do not pay a dime for anything diabetes related. I would definitely check into your local program, we love the pump.