Does the cycle of the moon effect your blood sugars?

I noticed my blood sugars were kinds all over the place and I noticed that the moon was pretty close to full. I posted something about it on Facebook and several people responded that they had noticed the moon phases effecting their bloodsugars.

SoI'm wondering if any of you have noticed a correlation between your blood sugars and cycles of the moon????

Hmmm…Im not sure if there are any correlation…but personally, It has no effect on me. Not that Ive actually took notice…LOL But it was a full moon here in my location 3 days ago and my blood sugar trendings has been pretty much the same =) Not unless the full moon has anything to do with human behavior like agitation, depression and anger…and blood sugar can increase/decrease when we are agitated, depressed and angry…

The moon is always the same. It is there whether full or not. The moonphase is just how the moon looks from the perspective of the earth as described here.

I do not see how the amount of reflected sunlight from the moon can have any impact on our blood glucose. Of course the brightness at night can cause sleeping problems but that is all there is to me.

I always joke about it doing so, but I’ve never noticed any correlation between the moon and my blood sugars. Now my blood sugars and that Moon Pie? Different story.

Thanks for the link. I was thinking more about the effects of the moon on earth, e.g. described here: