Does the integrated CGM work under water? Animas Vibe

Hello all,
Does the integrated CGM in the Vibe still work underwater? Right now I use the Medtronics 530 plus the Dexcom CGM. I am evaluating changing to the Vibe. My question is specifically about getting CGM readings while swimming in the pool. I know the transmitter has only inches of reach under the water. So I am wondering if the integrated CGM can still get readings from the transmitter during a swimming session in the pool as with the Vibe they are only inches away from each other.
If yes then this is awesome because I would be able to closely monitor my sugar during my swim sessions.
Any experiences out there with this?

Thanks in advance!

The transmitter can't transmit through water.

It´s not 100% true what Prisoner tells you. I swim with mine and that works mostly OK, but as Animas says themselves: "CGM readings may not be displayed when in water". That can happen too.

I don't have a Vibe yet but I assume it will work as I have often placed my G4 receiver on the pool's edge and still had readings. I swim for exercise too. The same with a hot-tub. The receiver being at least several FEET away.
Therefore with the Vibe being waterproof and in closer proximity than a poolside receiver I think it will work.
The above is one of the reasons (and only having one belt/pocket device) I can't wait to get the Vibe.
Keep on swimming

Interesting. I will try during my swim session today to have the receiver by the side of the pool and see if it gets anything. I think I tried that before and it didn't work.

Thans Siri. I am assuming you have a Vibe or the EU version of it? If yes then this is encouraging.

By the way, what do you use to carry the Vibe when you are swimming?

Nope, No readings when sensor is underwater. I’ve had Vibe for 2 years and lose CGM as soon as sensor is submerged.

I know it is old but yes the Vibe does not read when submerged.