Does this annoy anyone else

Well, if I really hated receiving advice from diabetics, who know-it-all, do you think I’d be a member of so many diabetes’ forums?! :slight_smile: But, there are some days when I want to throw all the advice givers into a bowl of cheerios, filled to the brim with whole milk, and see what happens!

Ha! Ha! I know what you mean about that!!! Not even cheerios , how about Sugar Puffs!!!

I couldn’t agree with you more!! I often get questioned if I ate too much sugar as a child which is just frustrating especially as I have never been a sweet tooth in my life!!
Good luck with college!
Take care

If they were friends, not at all.

Kibitzers and know-it-all’s, yes.

Hi Cody
Congrates about returning to school. I did it and loved it. I actually miss it since I graduated. Anyway, something you said made me think. I have never asked my doctor about adjusting, on a temp basis, my insulin when given a steriod shot. Is this some thing that is normal? I just did it to bring my levels down to normal. He has never told me I couldn’t do it without talking to him first. Gee, maybe it is something I should ask him at my next appointment. I just figured I had to bring it down. See I learn something newhere everyday.

I keep reading that excess insulin makes you gain weight. Do you have trouble eating like this and compensating with extra insulin, and keeping the pounds off?

i agree, it does drive me nuts and I am new to this, so i can imagine that it really gets to some of you who have dealt with it alot longer than me. But, the minute I say I had a low, i get told I didn’t eat enough, or I eat the wrong thing, If I go to high then i must not be managing it “right” and then of course there are the ones who only know something about type2, and think it pertains to all types, who proceed to tell you that you are not treating it right at all. Then when I tell them that mine was caused by meds, because they can’t believe that I have type 1 rather than type 2 because of my age, they all look at me like I am an alien, docs included.

YES! YES! AND YES!! Another thing I love that my hubby and kids say is “You don’t take care of yourself right” When I’m doing everything I can! ITS NOT MY FAULT I NO LONGER FEEL THE LOWS COMMING ON!!! OK vent over here!!!

this is all new to me. i visited my daughter and she told me i could have a few of her chocolate chip (warm) cookies. on the other side, i ordered dry rye toast with my eggs today and my husband grabbed the toast and ate it so i wouldn’t. so there is the managing other people trying to manage you. Carol

The one that annoys me is “Why won’t you have a beer? My friend Blind Willie is a diabetic, and he drinks beer. . .” Grrrrrrrr!

Good luck with everything, I admire u going to the gym, I’m shy and it would be difficult for me, I’m also scared that I would hurt myself as I have herniated disks, and other (work injuries…which led to arthritis) going on.fortunately I have had surgery on both hands for carpal tunnel (last month). So when I say I admire that fact…I really mean it !

Cody, a few weeks ago, I ran into an old college buddy who asked me about how my diabetes was going. I told him I was trying to get an insulin pump and his
face distorted and he said, “Oh my God! I am so sorry to hear that!” Jeez, most people are sooo ill-informed. I just laughed at him, then explained what a pump
does. I think the public at-large should be better educated about a disease that so many people are diagnosed with on a daily basis. Maybe someday.

I absolutely can’t stand it when people who don’t know what they are talking about, give me advice on my diabetes care. I’m still trying to come up with a polite reply. At least I’ve never said what I’m actually thinking when I get this unsolicited advice! But it is not easy holding that in.

What drives me nuts are non diabetics telling me where I can take my shots. If I’m not embarrassed by it, why are they? I hate getting banished to the bathroom for it. I mean, ewww gross!

My grandpa had to take steriods because of itching caused by medicine that he took and it made is BG go up above 600 which was really scary because he was in the hospital just a few days before for kidney problems. That was not good!

My friends are really good about asking me if I’m OK but they don’t really tell me what to do. My parents, on the other hand, are another story, but they’re just being parents, right?

Psh i know where you’re coming from. a few weeks ago one of my teachers made a comment that left me feeling so angry i just wanted to knock her out. she said" did you know giving a diabetic insulin is the worst thing you can do for them, its actually killing them" I didnt even say anything i was so angry

Yeah, It has always annoyed the he!! out of me. What gets me is when people say “You can eat this, it doesn’t have any sugar in it.” Usually it’s something like chips or bread. Most people have absolutley no idea… it’s comical at times.

It is even more frustrating when these advices are coming from professionals. In my case I am not happy with my nutritionist who is convinced that the food and only the food is what really counts.

In my case, the 10 am sugar is more dependent on how much I exercised the day before than on what I had for breakfast 2 hours before.

I hear you…

even family members act like just because they heard a tidbit on tv or read a blurb somewhere they are all “in the know” lol…I try to ignore it the best I can but it can get under my skin when they keep going on about what they don’t know…just depends on if I’m in “debate mode” if I keep it going and feel like explaining everything to them…hahaha

I know that has always bugged me.