Does this information still hold true?

From this study:

In conclusion, our results demonstrate that in long-term follow-up, renal disease, including persistent microalbuminuria, is a key determinant of long-term excess mortality in type 1 diabetes, but that individuals with type 1 diabetes who avoid renal disease appear to achieve long-term mortality similar to, or only marginally higher, than seen in the general population. These results and those of the FinnDiane study should help focus attention on the identification of those at risk of microalbuminuria[31]

This makes sense, however blindness also makes you far more likely to die. I mean , I don’t want kidney disease or blindness and luckily I can do the same thing to prevent both.

Did you know that left handed people have a life expectancy of 66 versus 75 for right handed. I guess living as a lefty in a righty world is a significant life expectancy variable.

That being said, when I got life insurance several years ago, they checked weight and a1c and all that. They told me my life expectancy was only 4 years younger than an otherwise healthy man, she told me you are likely to be horribly disabled on dialysis and blind and demented, however you will still be alive and that’s all we care about.

That was 18 years ago and my policy runs out in2 years. She was partially right. I’m here but I’m livin large still.

That whole left handed thing might be a myth. But still you get what I’m saying, somethings are just out of our control.


Wow, type 1 for 63 yrs, 70 yrs old, kidneys fine, not blind or demented and left handed! I must be doing something right! LOL


You are an anomaly. Clearly beating the odds.


Maybe they assume that kidney disease is proportional with heart disease?

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Most is us die from heart disease.

I think that is the idea

And I hope not from left-handedness. :astonished:

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