Does time change affect what time you take your insulin?

Okay so I am very new to insulin and pretty clueless when it comes to any change in my insulin regimen. I know bolus timing doesn’t matter but what about when it comes to your basal? I only take my levemir one time a day at 9pm…so do I need to after tonight take it at 10pm since the time is moving up an hour? I like taking it at 9 because I usually go straight to bed after since my 4 year old likes to get up before the sun! So how does all this work? How big of a deal is it to take your basal one hour later or earlier?

Good evening, Jenn. Most non-peaking insulins do not last for 24 hours, anyway. I suggest you simply continue taking your normal dose at 9 PM. You could test some time after taking your Levemir tomorrow evening (which would be 23 hours after tonight’s dose) to make sure you’re not going too low if you’re the nervous type.

Keep the numbers in perspective: a 1-hour change in 24 is less than 5 percent. In other words: a small change!

No need to change. If you were on a pump you would change the clock on the pump but that’s about it.

I do not think one hour matters too much. Continue to take it at 9pm if that is what you do, and within a day or two your body should get used to 9pm at the new time.

Changing time zones - for example when flying - can be an interesting time. I am not clued up on that, so you would need someone else to explain that.

Bless you and I hope that you will not have too rough a ride with insulin.

Thanks for the replies! I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal but I am so new at this that I had no clue! Thanks again!! And Happy Spring!! :slight_smile: