Does turning off pump also stop G6 sensor?

Let’s say I want to turn off the pump completely. Just shut it down. Not just stop insulin, stop the whole pump. Does that also stop a G6 sensor session? So that when I power up the pump later, I must also insert a whole new sensor regardless of whatever life it had remaining when I shut down the pump…

No, the dexcom transmitter continues to get bgs, and sends signal to pump. It doesn’t know or care if pump receives it.

When you turn pump back on, you need to re-establish the BT connection for pump to start getting bg from dexcom transmitter.

The only stop is to use Tandem menu option to stop, OR the sensor days end after 10 days.


Yep. Just don’t hit the “stop sensor” button, and it’s fine.

I put my T:slim down for an extended sleep earlier this month and didn’t affect my running Dexcom session at all.

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You should be fine. The transmitter is what maintains the sensor session, not the receiver(s). Just be sure that you have recorded the transmitter and sensor codes before you power off the pump.

The auxiliary display channel of the Dexcom transmitter will continue to communicate with a Dexcom app until the sensor needs to be replaced.

Once a session has been started, you can either pair the transmitter with a Dexcom receiver or turn the T:slim back on and pair it. The latter is what’s done if the pump fails and has to be replaced with a loaner or replacement unit.

If you have an auxiliary display app with the ability to start a new sensor, like Xdrip+, you could work without a “receiver”. Otherwise you’ll need a Dexcom receiver or the t:slim pump to start a new sensor.