Does your child use an Omnipod pump? Meet other Pod Parents here!

A place for parents of Omnipod children to come and talk…and share ideas that work best for childern on Omnipod.

Welcome… and thank you STEVE D for suggesting we start a group like this! Yes… the more we communicate the better we can help make the lives of our children easier while podding! I can’t even begin to thank everyone here at TuDiabetes enough for the help they have been… both in knowledge and support.

Thank you Katz! I have no children, but i am always curious and in awe of parents who do such a good job with their T1 kids! Good luck here, and PEACE

Great group and Great Name for the Group! I’m excited to join!

Wow…we are growing in numbers now… Awesome… will add a discussion question.

Kowabunga!!! Lets go, lets go lets GO!!!

Since I’m a dedicated mom to an omnipoder thought it would be good to join. Have I mentioned I love tudiabetes! We really need each others support, I have never been a social networker but this is so what I needed! thanks all, Amy

our sweet Crew just turned 1 and we just ordered the omnipod and dexcom. We are super excited about the potential that both have for giving him more flexibility with food and smaller dosing to actually cover the food he eats! Our biggest concern at this point is keeping the pod on him. BOTH sample pods we have had have been ripped off with in 24 hours. Help...
laura mother of crew 12 months dx 12-9-11

Where are you putting them?

To are you going to use the minimum of 85u on a tiny body of a 1 year old? I have explained to the manufacturer that they need to design a smaller version for people who do not need to take a lot of insulin. It is terrible that they provide a gizmo that could hold enough for a 300 lb person. It is as ridiculous as asking a one year old to wear a size 25 T-shirt with the explanation that they can only make one size. I am sorry I sound so upset about this, but I am, as I would love to use a tubeless pump, but I take so little insulin that it is ridiculous what the Omnipod designers have decided on. And I am a complete diabetic after 30 years. Do not misunderstand and say that I must make insulin myself. My c-peptide test is very close to zero. There should be a rule that all products designed by companies for diabetics should be designed to handle the lifestyle of the healthy, not the unhealthy. What they need to do, without a doubt, is to design a mechanism and then have different sized pods that plug into it. That way they can tool up to create different "runs" at the factory. The sized POD that they make looks like it would dwarf a child of 1 year old. Did you know that 85u is required to be put in for the three days it is used? That is 28.33u per day........ Don't you find that shocking? Were you aware of that detail? That the Omnipod will not even turn on unless you have put into the pod at LEAST 85u. Or have I just fallen behind and have they fixed the problem?

I cannot agree more with the one size fits all issue… as for keeping the pod on, we tape over each pod in addition to the provided adhesive. Requires lots of unisolve to remove it, but keeps it on a very active three year old!

Hi Janina,
You're right about the minium 85 U required for the pod. I don't know what the typical TDD for a 1-year old is but it's definitely a lot less than 28 U, so they will have to waste a lot of insulin every 3 days. I also wonder if Laura (mother of Crew) knows that.
I don't know where Insulet has positioned the fill sensor in the new pod, that's about to be released this semester. They hopefully moved it up/down the reservoir so it "double beeps" with a lot less insulin.
We'll have to wait and see.

Hey Gil, This semester really?? We've waited so long...Endo actually wanted us to wait getting the Dex until the integration, glad we didn't. Do you have any link with more info? We definitely don't need a 300u reservoir either, but my T1teen sometimes get close to using up 150u we fill it with. Little Crew should do fine, a pump is great for their little needs and sporadic eating. (So they'll be wasting insulin for a while, in a reservoir or a one month ago vial, does it matter.) I think Omnipod was a good choice too, tubes and toddlers could have been a recipe for disaster. Mom will just need to be creative with placement. Good Luck!

You actually waste the same amount of insulin if my math is right (assuming no pod malfunctions or occlusions.) An open vial is 1000 units, and it is open for 30 days before you have to discard it right? Well the Omnipod takes 100 units, for 3 days . . . so it's the same right? And if you fill it to the 85 unit line you have a litte room for occlusions and malfunctions without wasting more. So I don't see why the 85 unit limit is a problem for smaller people, or people who need less. You don't have to use it all.

Hi Natasha, you're right if people really throw it away after 30 days. Do people still throw it away when they keep the vial in the fridge?

You're right if the insurance company is paying for it all or they can afford it. It's definitely better for the kid.
I was referring to the release in Europe, where they've already received EU/CE approval for sale, as far as know. OR am I wrong about that?

I was told that once it's open it doesn't matter whether it's in the fridge or not - it expires. Is that not true? It doesn't really affect me since my son's been on the pod for a couple of years so we have to throw it out.

The term "expire" means they do not warranty it beyond the time they claim, but I assure you it is possible to use them well beyond 28 days if kept in the fridge and just taken out for a few seconds to give the injection. Don't leave it to warm up before the injection as up and down temperature changes will make it degrade sooner the Lantus manufacturer told me.
Don't leave a pen needle on it all the time as that allows air to get in. Notice that you can not replace the pen top with the needle tip attached. There's a good reason for that. Also it makes sense to keep it in the dark, so don't leave a capless pen with needle tip on it on the kitchen counter for days on end. When I did leave it out, even without the needle tip, and even covered with the cap, I found it was much less effective beyond 2 weeks., so I decided keeping them in the fridge still makes the best sense, unless I have to go somewhere for the day, and so can't keep it in the fridge.

Just started on the omnipod yesterday! So far he loves it- anxious for the insulin start next week.