Does your Diabetes Team ask you this questions?

“How do you feel about your diabetes?”
or “How is your stress level?”
Just curious-for more info see my post: Stress and Diabetes - Often Left out of the Equation
Curious to hear what other experience.

No. I have been taking it out on her staff this week though.

Golf season?

I have never been asked that question but I have had several doctors tell me that I seem like I handle things pretty well. I have a couple health issues going on so I guess they think I am supposed to be all upset about it.

Yes. I’m newly dx’d, though, so I get a bit more of the concerned gaze and “so, how are you DOING?” earnestness than I probably will later…

We are getting very close. It’s going to require multiple clubs to get both Blue Cross and HCSC, the parent company. Probably a bike but Millenium/ Grant Park are “Taylor-made” for launching golf balls at them. The doctor’s office will also be a tight shot as the windows are close to a parking garage. Maybe a chip and run from the adjacent level of the garage? 7 iron?

So we should probably start collecting golf balls for you!