Does Your Diet Effect Your Mood?

Hello All!

I have been flip-flopping as any one will know if you’ve followed my blog or discussion’s lately, MDI vs Pump, Pro Carb vs Low Carb.

Anyhow, I have been strictl as my latest A1C being 8.4 sucked! For me personally. So I have chosen MDI
and Dr B’s Low Carb over the last week. What I didn’t expect was a major increase in my mood, I mean I feel great, mentally clearer, which make me pose the above Question

Does Your Diet Effect Your Mood?

Let me know.

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I think to a degree. I see it w/ my wife for sure. if she’s eating crappy I can tell. that and a truly divine meal makes you feel like you’re walking in the clouds

It does for me. My hypothesis is that food effects blood sugar effects mood. I also know that my mood can effect my blood sugars. High stress will trigger high blood sugar, followed by a hypoglycemic crash, followed by depression.

My mood is better, and I feel generally healthier since I’ve started watching my diet.

If I am eating potato chips and drinking beer, I am usually pretty jolly?

Definite difference. Following ADA high carb plan, I felt awful. Before diagnosis, I fell asleep after dinner from high carb/low protein meals & woke up cranky & ravenous.

Soon as I started low carb a la Dr. Bernstein, the foggy headedness & mood swings went away. I also have more energy.