Does your Levemir does increase once or twice a year?

While I haven’t gained much weight, I have recently noticed that my dose of Levemir seems to increase every year by 2-4 units. Same thing happened with the Novolog I took before too. Is this something that others are seeing as well?

Seems like every year with these new insulins, I get to a phase where I spike into the 200s for a few days, then up the Levemir and it goes back to normal. Curious if there’s some level of resistance that the body builds up over time (I miss my 10+ regime of Ultralente and NPH, which was scraped by former evil endo).

I don’t know about continual increasing, but I just switched to Levemir and my CDE said that her patients usually require 40-60% more levemir than other basal insulins. I was concerned since I am taking just about 50% more Levemir than my prior Lantus/NPH combo but she said it’s totally normal.

Interesting. When I changed from Lantus to Levemir my doses remained the same.

Mine has stayed the same as when I was on Lantus.

My doses stayed the same from Lantus to Levemir- Levemir actually dropped my basal dosage about 6 units/day
I have seen the same thing, Mike. I have had to increase my Levemir dosage up 4 units per year in the past two years that I’ve been on it.

However, I just started using Apidra (in place of Humalog) about a month ago, and last week I was running very low for no apparent reason. I lowered my basal dosage 4 units… and now I’m doing fine! Might be a weird correlation between Apidra and insulin sensitivity? I have no idea! I plan to talk to my doc about it next visit.

I had tried Lantus and was using if for a while but my body seems to do strange things with basal insulins, which was why I had perfected my old regime with UL + NPH (actually, I suggested to an old endo and he agreed to try it – worked pretty well up until word that UL/NPH were either being phased out).

So it sounds like Marps has a similar experience to Levemir. Curious to see if others have reported the increase in usage. Honestly, I’m still miffed that Lantus seems about as effective as the old basals, just more expensive.

Thanks for the replies!

The switch to Lantus gave me the ability to not “have” to eat at certain times per day because it had no “apparent” rises and dips in its BG constant. It also gave me the ability to inject once per day, instead of every 12 hrs (like on NPH and N).

Lantus also, though, put me into many insulin shock comas at night. I didn’t react to it well.

Which is why I’m on Levemir- Many people on Levemir have to split their doses- every 12 hours. I’m NOT in that club and can still stay pretty BG focused with only one basal injection every 24 hours or so. Sometimes I can even go 27 hours without any difference in BG readings the next day. It’s weird.