Does your Opthomologist ask you this question?

Maybe next time ask him if he knows about a cure and you weren’t informed yet. I’m hoping it’s just a standard question, although if your file states you are a Type 1, I’d hope the office would realize you are always going to be on insulin. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

I totally agree with you Paul!

Remember, type 1 is only for little kids, so you’ll grow out of it eventually…


“Grow out of it eventually” LOL yeah right, in our dreams, huh? LOL

Looks like you should suggest when your doctor takes his next CEU, he should look into ones focusing on diabetes. What a jerk!

I had one ask but after I kept seeing her she don’t ask any more. And YES WE DO GET OLDER! Heck I’m 47 with TYPE 1 that I took at 10, my daughter is now 21 and took Type 1 at 11.

I could understand an Ophto asking if a Person was still using Insulin, if they only had been their Patient for a few years. I’ve known my Ophtho for a long time, so he would never ask me if am still on Insulin and never has. He does look at my chart first. He is Well aware that I am a Type 1 and that I care about my eyes and myself in general. I would probably burst out laughing and look at him in disbelief at the same time if he ever asked me that.,

He has asked on occasion how my sugars have been doing, like recently, if something isn’t quite right. I said they were pretty Good, as usual.

This time, as usual, his Assistant had given me the eye chart and pressure test before hand and she gave the results to my Ophto to look at. My left eye was Fine but I couldn’t make out most of the letters on the eye chart with my right eye. So he asked about my sugar levels(not my A1c). Turns out, I had a “wrinkle” in my right lens that he had put in during cataract surgery, in 2006, that was causing slight blurriness when I would look at words. 20 seconds of laser fixed it. Not Diabetes related.

Sportster, you should tell your Ophtho to write down that you have: Type 1 Diabetes on Insulin, since it bothers you when he asks.

(Hmmm, perhaps he has Type 1 Patients who go off of their Insulin treatment occasionally).