Dog Gnaws Off Part of Diabetic Owner’s Foot… Again

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Dog Gnaws Off Part of Diabetic Owner’s Foot… Again

Diabetic Sues Sushi Joint Over ‘Discriminatory’ All-You-Can Eat Policy

Diabetic Moms Can Cut Kids’ Obesity Risk by Breastfeeding

Researchers Uncover Alpha Cell Role in Beta Cell Destruction

Low A1C Scores Not Always Good for Some Diabetics

NFL’s Cardinals’ Matt Ware Honored for Battling Diabetes, Injuries

How Steroids Can Cause Diabetes

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They used to clean wounds with maggots before the invention of antibiotics. I’m not sure if that might’ve been a shade tidier than using a dog?

Please, not that irritating ACCORD study again. Not new, not news and not true!

For the real story, please read thisinstead!

‘Low A1C scores not always good for some diabetics?’ Yeah - when you put those diabetics on dangerous meds!