"Dog Sick"

Hi All,

My daughter was so ill yesterday, I had to take off work to be with her. Being a Downs Syndrome she tends to pick up any little bug floating around. We started with the “runs” and by the end of the day she was sitting on the loo with a bucket, cos it was just liquid from both ends!! Instead of saying that she’s “sick as a dog”, she has decided she’s “dog sick” and guess who also has the damn bug now…? Yup, you guessed it.

Despite feeling like death warmed up, the retards I work with have asked me to come in anyway “just to quickly help with something”. So I’m here at work, vomited twice (so far) and dreading the next run to the loo!

I am so irritable (for obvious reasons) but more so because these idiots dont realise that I’m probably speading my germs to them all. I should feel a little guilty actually but to be honest, I hope they also get sick! Worse than me!

And I hope the fleas of 10 000 camels infest their pubic hair!
There, that should make me feel better!

oooooooh, running to hurl (AGAIN)

Hi Debi. Sorry to hear you and your daughter are sick. How’s your BG with the vomiting and “runs”? Keep hydrated. Believe you 2 will get well soon.
Kind Regards

Hopes u are feeling better! Despite the adversity, u crack me up… heheh Thanks!

I’m hope things have improved somewhat. You and your family are certainly having a run of poor luck. I must say you have a way with words. Some tear me up,especially the 10,000camels and flees… I truely wish you all the best. Pete