Dogs and cats

One we are vaccinated, how will things change to protect the dogs and cats?

I have become fiercely protective of my dog and cat.
They have been valuable allies during the pandemic.

They will never get any vaccine.
What if there is covid in the wild animal population and dog chases ducks or cat catches a gopher? What if someone unvaccinated wants to pet them?

I do not want to spread covid to them once I am vaccinated.
I love my dog and my cat.


Cat is young and shockingly robust.
But, dog is old and I need to be careful with him.

Dogs don’t seem to get it. Cats seem to, but have a mild version like a cold. So I don’t think it’s a real concern nor any reason to develop veterinary vaccines for them, but I would avoid interacting with strange cats during the pandemic just in case they can spread it.


Since you appear to be interested in things involving the Mayo, I expect you may have already looked at their online take on CoVid-19 and cats and dogs. Still, I posted the link below in case it is of interest to someone.

Spoiler alert. Covid-19 does not appear to be much of a thing for cats & dogs. There have been a few cases which I guess one should expect for a zoonotic virus like CoVid-19. :man_shrugging: But given how widespread the virus is among people, the lack of more than a few cases may imply that cats & dogs are not prone to this infection.

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Interesting. Thank you, John and cardamom. I’ve been really scared ever since that Tiger got it. He hadn’t been at any cocktail parties. He didn’t deserve to get covid.