Doing ok

After several weeks… I find that even with a deep depression and anxiety, I seem to be doing ok. I have found out a great schedule as far as checking my blood, ect. I have sadly ended up in the A&E and had a hospital stay once due to a miscalculation or a time that I was just plain ole dumb. I’ve been to an Endocrinologist… but it was just a visit of confusion… which I am still hoping to get cleared up… who knows.

Hi Shanon. Hope today is even better.

I've ended up in the emergency room (is that what A&E is?) on several occasions over the years and it' certainly no fun. Having a great schedule is a big help and it sounds like you have a great attitude! Keep it (the attitude!) up!

Yeah the equivalent to the A&E is the emergency department here in the UK. Thanks I’m really trying - just got to remember all my misktakes… got to get back up

keep it up its worth it...

hey shanon
Im looking for some advice, i have been depressed and all that recently.. i have pulled myself out of it somehow..
Now i just need some answer.. how do you learn to live with diabetes??