Doing T2 wrong... Ten rules for screwing up your T2

Every Type 2 wants to know what is the best way to control my diabetes. I always avoid answering this question because I’m not an expert. Everybody’s Type 2 is different so it is an impossible question to answer.

So like I said I’m no expert at how to, but I am an expert at how not to since I did it wrong for OH! so long. Since I feel like I’m an expert at doing Type 2 wrong I have compiled a list of rules for really screwing up you T2 treatment.

Rule # 1…. Stop Smoking… Wait that’s wrong let me rephrase that… Stop smoking and tell yourself that I’ve always been a skinny person and a few extra pounds won’t hurt. So stop smoking and then eat your way through the nicotine withdrawals. Tell yourself that you can do this and not gain 50 plus pounds in the process. This step is a personal one if you don’t smoke you can ignore that part. Another good way to put this one is ignore any weight gain.

Rule # 2….Tell yourself that Type 2 will never happen to me and that your doctor didn’t know what he/she was talking about when he/she said you are pre-diabetic. After all I only went to see him/her for a back injury. Ignoring this warning is the best way to get off to the wrong start. Whoops! another personal one but you get the picture

Rule # 3….Ok admit to yourself that rule # 2 is wrong but wait till after your doctor officially diagnosis you Type 2 and makes the “Has Type 2 Diabetes” entry into your medical chart, an entry that will be revisited at every appointment from now on, an entry that will never be removed from you file.

Rule # 4….Tell yourself that you are not going to let diabetes control your life. Don’t consider this disease to be a real problem because all those complications will never happen to you.

Rule # 5….Agree to take the pills the doc gives you but agree to nothing else. A few pills aren’t going to hurt anything, if you are willing to do that much then that should be enough.

Rule # 6…. Deny, Deny, Deny….. Deny everything! Deny that the pills are not doing the job. Deny that high blood glucose is harmful. Deny that all that extra weight is only making it worse. Deny that your high carb diet is not helping. Deny the need to exercise. Deny that rule # 4 just might be wrong.

Rule # 7….Give up, tell yourself that you just can’t do this. Even though you’re starting to have complications there is nothing you can do so why try. Tell yourself that there is no need for you to test your blood glucose, there is nothing you can do anyway.

Rule # 8….Have false hopes. Continue to believe that the next medication is the one that will do the trick and that will be all that’s needed. Continue to believe rule # 5 and continue to apply its principles.

Rule # 9….Doctor shop. Whenever a doctor starts pressuring you to much go looking for a new doctor and hit the reset button so to speak. A new doctor will allow you to kick the can even farther down the road.

Rule # 10….If you see yourself in any of this go back and re-read rule # 6 repeatedly.

You can keep up this behavior for a good many years if you follow this set of rules or you can realize just how big a fool I was and start learning how to kick this disease’s ■■■. Listen to your doctor. Read and Learn. You have already made one good move, you are here aren’t you. TuDiabetes is one the best resources you will ever find.

Good Luck

I just wanted to say...Thank you, You made me smile :)...and still smiling. I learn something new and wonderful every day.

Great post. Personal experience is the best teacher to help other's see the value in doing better. It's the "why not" that get us going.

Hi Gary, such a "honest" and "face it" post!! Almost every one of the points is/was me to a tee!!! I've been through all of those and am still in some. I do have some very legitimate reasons for not doing better BUT I do admit that I'm a carbaholic. I can't live w/o them. Now for other reasons as to why I can't substitute healthier things....I cannot eat most vegetables because of stomach problems. My one diabetes pill keeps my stomach upset almost ALL of the time. It's no fun living that way....not being able to go out to the dollar store because your stomach is too upset. Living on anti-diarrheals and anti-acids....night stand full of "helps" and stand-offs "just in case". I do want to do better, I do want to lose weight and yes I did quit smoking...again...and for the very last time almost 2 years ago. One of the best things I ever did! So my doctor puts me on Actos which made me gain 30 MORE I'm expected to take it off and then some while taking 2 or more meds that "cause" weight gain. Not to mention that Actos can cause cancer of the bladder. In my head are thoughts of.......I've got to do better, I've got to do better!

Thanks for this very enlightening and eye-opening post....."make me face myself" post. Blessings. God help us all.

Thanks for posting this. Much of it was me...ignoring pre diabetes...and DENIAL!

One that I would add is refusing to go on insulin at all costs. My doctor kept recommending it to me, and each time I said no, so we would try another "miracle pill" or combo of pills. I finally decided to give in after educating myself on the side effects of all the medicines (plus I could eat more stuff!).