Doing the new cellphone shuffle

My once-trusty Motorola RAZR V3m started doing some weird things last Friday. First, the external display would occasionally stop displaying – or not return a display after keypress activation. Then, the internal display would go completely white. Occasionally, it would bring up a screen, go completely white, and then bring up a screen again – but most of the time, it would be unresponsive to anything but a dozen or more hard (remove the battery) reboots.

Just to be certain it wasn’t a flaky battery, I tried it with the spare battery, and then with each battery connected to the travel charger (plugged in and charging), and then with the travel charger but no battery at all. No difference. I even tried removing the Micro-SD chip to see if that was the issue. Sadly, no.

Sunday, the phone was fine, and I made a point to back up everything – contact lists, music, pictures, you-name-it.

Monday we went to Verizon Wireless to see if they knew anything about it… their answer was “replace the phone and sign a new two-year agreement”. Their suggested replacement phone had maybe half the capability of the two-year-old RAZR. The Other Half was looking at upgrading his V3m to a RAZR2, and moving his (old but functional) V3m to my number… so I’d be out-of-date with a failed phone in two years or less, so, thanks but… let’s think on it.

Today, the internal screen did not leave the whiteout condition for more than a few seconds (and went right back there anytime I tried to press a key). I’m expecting to be out all day tomorrow and really could not be without a phone.

Nothing like necessity to make you upgrade in a hurry…

After a bunch of hemming and hawing, checking out CNET reviews and the detailed specs on the Verizon site, and looking at the available devices in the store, I ended up choosing the Env2 for my replacement, while The Other Half went with his desired RAZR2. We usually like to keep the same model of phone so we can share accessories, but this time what he needed and what I needed diverged sufficiently to say, “not this time”.

So… new phone, renewal/new plan, new data cable, and photos on the removable chip – you’d figure I’d be able to connect in to my old phonebook, download the contact list, and plug in my existing wallpapers, right? Right?

Hmm… PC-based phone book “does not support the LG9100”. And the photos all but disappeared (the new phone stores them in a different directory). At least the music copied over OK. Five hours of semi-manually transferring over contacts, checking wallpaper files and sizes, and trying to decide which ringtones to map to which contacts (none of them are the same from the old phone).

The end result is, after 2AM this morning, I’m looking at my nice maroon LG Env2 with a needs-to-be-squashed-down-further-and-colors-reversed T2 external wallpeper, a needs-to-have-more-white-space-added-and-colors-reversed T2 internal wallpaper, and (hopefully!) all of my contacts in place. Oh – and the rad stereo bluetooth headset I’ve been drooling over since Christmas.

So, it looks like there may be more Diabetes Cellphone Wallpaper coming up in the near future.

Meanwhile, I could use to rest my eyes and my fingers, and get some sleep.