Domo podder

I started the pump... so far really really cool.

Top ten "what the heck is that" answers when people see the omni pod

1. super new nicotine patch for hard core addicts

2.attached to you mp3 player haha ipod

3.calorie counter or step counter

4.(with sticker on) new tattoo

5. new style of piercing lol

6.white "bump" or overgrowth

7.(pdm) new cell or personal pc

8.(clicking noise) what else, a bomb chew toy (the puggle chewed on it through my shirt!)

10. the solution to diabetes or what my trainer said "what she had been waiting for after ten years of doing mdi"

can you think of anything else :)

Sometimes I joke and say that it is a Prison monitoring attachment!! haha

I’ve used that one too :slight_smile: I say its a house-arrest monitoring device (and of course I’m out in public when I use that one). Diabetic humor–I think it may not quite be “mainstream” lol.

seriously soooooo cute!!!, i would let him chew my pod i i didn’t need it so much lol

i’m replacing piercing with that!!

I lost my PDM in the airport in Malaysia, and they confiscated it when the siren went off, thinking it was a bomb!!
Good thing I had alerted Airport Security, so they didnt throw it away, they returned it to me!

I have told people that my PDM was a blood-activated cellphone, and some have speculated that my omnnipod under my clothes was a tumor…