Dong Quai Herbal Supplement

Menopause is kicking my ■■■ on a daily basis…hot flashes, mood swings etc… A friend recommend Dong Qui sold at Whole Foods. I will try anything at this point. Does anyone know if it will effect my bs? Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to stay away from pharmaceuticals.

If this “non-pharmaceutical” (or any others) actually worked without causing untoward side effects (either short- or long-term), a pharmaceutical company would have already isolated the effective chemical compound(s), purified and standardized it, and made untold billions by now…

Addendum: If you wish to avoid the hormone replacement route (estrogen +/- progesterone), Gabapentin (Neurontin) is quite effective for some women. Good luck; severe hot flashes suck big-time!