Dont be a walking timebomb, be sure - be safe - be tested, diabetes can be controlled

Every 10 seconds, a DIABETIC, dies in the world, and the same 10 seconds, 2 more been diagnosed. DIABETES is an epidemic that is increasing, covering all ages, countries, races,gender, like a wildfire. Take a diabetic test,at the nearest hospital, so that IF you do have it, you have your diabetic team in one place, easily accessable for appointments. Your diabetic team, diabetic specialist, dietitan,podiatrist social worker and pharmacist is in one place. Diabetes is a disease of modern lifestyle feuled by OBESITY and INACTIVITY. 80% of cases of Type 2 are linked to excessive weight or obesity. We must guide our children to proper nutrition and physical activity to STOP THE GROWING, GLOBAL EPIDEMIC. Diabetics and pre-diabetics must learn of their condition before they can be treated, Our primary focuses are taking a SREENING TEST, and increasing public awareness. A HAPPY DIABETIC