Don't forget to change your pump clock!

And your CGM and your BG monitor. I usually remember this sometime in July but for once I picked up on it the day-of. Just passing it along…

Thanks, I changed my cgm completely forgot the pump clock. I am very appreciative.


I was surprised when I saw I had to change my pump clock… I had forgotten it didn’t do it automatically like my phone/computer/alarm clock. I changed my dex also but I never change my bg meter… I’ve forgotten how to at this point… maybe I will try again.

The G5 iPhone app does get network time from your phone, but I also use the receiver and it seems it doesn’t have the ability to pull time from the app. So I reset it manually. I have a ContourNext meter, and from the main menu it’s Setup > Time.

Thanks DrBB,

Dexcom sent me a g5 transmitter for free but I haven’t used it since I don’t use my phone/share or a watch currently. I tried share on my phone but it kept draining my battery and it didn’t seem better than just using the dexcom receiver which I wear on my spibelt now. I decided against the apple watch because you need a data package to use it. I haven’t figured out if a pebble watch also needs the data package. Someone on my instagram who uses one wasn’t sure.

I use ibg star meters, I can’t remember or figure out how to change the time but I will have to look it up. No one ever looks at the time or my bg finger sticks anymore so I guess it doesn’t matter. The only data I give my cde/doc now is from diasend for dex and my pump every 3-4 months.